Sup? Looking? Party? The basics of Gay Software Vocabulary

Sup? Looking? Party? The basics of Gay Software Vocabulary

It absolutely was difficult enough to conclude a man outside in the outdated times, when you actually satisfied face-to-face over an alcohol and must talk before a roll from inside the hay. That has been difficult in your digital industry, that drawn homosexual people aside bars to blow the company’s evenings at your home texting on hookup software so that you can come “The One” or “The One at this time.”

How does one understand the gay application language? Better, it’s very clear from a recently available writeup on the best programs that “sup?” was a deal breaker, while it’s only a more efficient method of inquiring “what’s up?” Several males blog post on their users which they won’t respond to that search, although the consumer suspects that many of those will eliminate a “sup?” copy whether or not it arises from a man whose pic demonstrates a well-defined couple of abdominal muscles and a muscular torso.

Various other standard content include prepared to explanation. We’ve taken the freedom to applicable a pretty humorous and helpful one from a Scruff cellphone owner whose recognition we’ll put individual.

Here’s his adopt the hidden meanings behind consistent discussion on homosexual programs:

Many thanks = Proceed.

Thx = move forward immediately. ?? = Can’t actually present a word he’s thus annoyed and disengaged.

?? = As initial responses, this is often a respectful termination. Talk on.

Hey handsome = Positive engagement. Maybe boating outside his or her niche.

Marry me! = Lesbian. Keep moving.

lol (lower case) = Polite entertainment, shady involvement. LOL (all limits) = Engaged, proceed with warning. May be incorrect excitement. You might be funny not horny.

What’s right up? = continue with pic or choice query.

Into = you should get a high.

Greatest or bottom part = witness above.

Further images? = we have all one good photo. You must convey more from this times.

Hunting? = Pretty apparent they put it in everything or put tangled by any such thing.

One event? = Unless you’re into a wild-eyed, jelly-d*cked uber orifice exactly who appears like Gollum in a jock having on a baseball cap, continue moving.

Good? = You are outdated and assumed to have to buy love-making. Prevent right away and find younger lookin photo.

For everyone looking a detailed mention, take a look at our personal descriptions of typical terminology for homosexual software the following.

Gay Application Speak

Here’s an index of the different lingo used by homosexual app consumers as well as their respective significance.

[+] = HIV Positive.

+/-= Curious About HIV Pos/Neg

DDF = Substance and Diseases Absolutely Free

Searching = looking a hookup.

What’re your into? / what exactly do you like? = What’s their erotic desires (top/bottom/vers/other) and what do a person typically want from a hookup?

Clean = HIV Unwanted. [WEHOville does not suggest the dichotomy of “dirty/clean” to describe HIV level. We all do inspire the actual status of your respective erectile lovers]

Masc= Masculine, “straight-acting,” a guy’s person.

Femme / Fems = Guys with elegant qualities, a “queen.”

Subtle / DL= on “down minimal,” perhaps not “out” or confident with showing their sex. Normally won’t give face photographs to keep name private.

Catfish = Users who aren’t exactly what the company’s shape and pics claim these include. Arises From the movie, “Catfish.”

Host = Can have folks over. “You hold” ways they’ll just come to you. Work with it in a sentence: “we can’t host, We have a roommate.”

Event = Into medications.

Stats= Getting a done description for one’s member profile (level, young age, relationship standing, pursuits).

Neg4Neg= HIV disadvantage, trying to find HIV bad men.

No Agenda= Definitely not looking for something specific. Open to having a good time, making friends, chattering, going out with, etc. Whatever appear.

Non-scene = Not just in to the “WeHo” market. Doesn’t like gay organizations, gay pubs, summer camp vocabulary, small short pants, etc. Also certainly not into using visual appearance.

NSA= “No Strings Attached.” Definitely not interested in a relationship or observing a person. Put it to use in a sentence: “Looking for NSA exciting.”

Musc= Muscled, accommodate.

Protected = Into risk-free exciting best (condoms, policies, etc.).

420 warm= Likes to smoke cannabis. When you have some, would definitely enroll with an individual.

Things all of us missed? Blog post any vocabulary you already know in the comments below.