Edited at 24.08.2020 – Beowulf: The Life of a Great Writer

The Life and Legends of the Beowulf King. 

The Beowulf myth cannot be over. There is much to be said about Beowulf, but what most scholars do https://litchapter.com/macbeth-quotes-71 not know is that he was a remarkable administrator and statesman. He is remembered for his achievements in various lands and times. Some of the matters that scholars struggle to explain is that Beowulf was an ambitious leader who came to be powerful not only in the West but also in the East. While this is somewhat true, there is a lot to be considered. Scholars argue that Beowulf may have had some military successes, especially in the east, but that is less clear-down.  

Most scholars have a problem here. The chronology of Beowulf is rather complicated. The primary argument for putting down any arguments on Beowulf is that Beowulf did not rule over the Anglo- Saxon kingdom from 1015 to 1016. After taking control of the kingship, Beowulf consolidated power in the East after winning many battles. In addition, some scholars point out that Beowulf may have had a long political life. Therefore, they debate whether Beowulf was a successful ruler, or not.  

Timeline of Beowulf

It is often stated that Beowulf was not the last sovereign to rule the Anglo-Saxon realm from the late tenth century to the early thirteenth century. However, it is worth noting that the contemporary sources place him at the same time as Eadric the Fearless. Despite being the strongest leader in the West, Beowulf had a brief reign (a.g., from the year 1013 – after that, when the Old English ruler Wæburg took the region from the Pictish King Eotred the Confessor, after a short stay in about 1014.  

After establishing authority in the East, Beowulf set up a government in Northumbria, which was soon to collapse. The reasons for this include the fact that Beowulf had a shaky relationship with the king Deimmes of the West. This conflicts led to the succession dispute that would lead to the death of the two Germanic leaders, Beorgwald and Grendolf the Good. The final political situation that befalled upon the Franks was the ensuing political and military struggles that divided the East after the death of the Westking. The process of creating a united West was achieved through a personal appeal of the king to the East that the West might eventually fall under the rule of the Roman Catholic Clans. Ultimately, this became the foundation of the English nation that would come to be known as the British.