Dating long distance in college. Entrepreneurship Cell is initiated at IKG PTU campus to bolster the entrepreneurial tasks and instill the nature of entrepreneurship among institution college students.

Dating long distance in college. Entrepreneurship Cell is initiated at IKG PTU campus to bolster the entrepreneurial tasks and instill the nature of entrepreneurship among institution college students.



Innovation & Incubation

Entrepreneurship mobile is set up at IKG PTU grounds to bolster the entrepreneurial activities as well as to instill the character of entrepreneurship among school students.

A lot of Entrepreneurial event like business strategy opponents in collaboration with The Indus Entrepreneurs (connect) Chandigarh, Poster Making competitors, Rs. 200 endeavors and lecture by outstanding business owners tends to be presented every year to market uniqueness and out of package believing in IKG PTU environment.

Childhood & National

Division of youthfulness issues, are a crucial part with the institution, working for all round expansion of the scholars. With a target to nurturing the students brains for their healthy growth and development. To channelize their particular powers in a positive method, team of young people considerations arranges numerous techniques to supply a platform and build the hidden natural talent. Like the department induces discover this the young students in to the future forwards and corroborate by themselves by playing numerous creative tasks, in the same way the productive involvement for the youngsters over these tasks permit the office to grant all of them a lot more chances for his or her general increases.

Section orchestrate cycle of tasks all year round as Youngsters authority practise camps, F.D.P for Childhood Coordinators, Four Zonal and Inter Zonal Teens Festivals….


The baseball Department when you look at the institution has been built to market the spirit of activities involvement amongst the people. The Department every year arranges the many techniques beneath information of this sporting Council for the institution. The school likewise participates in several Inter-Varsity games.The baseball team for the University are imagining programmes to increase involvement of youngsters in sports activities by providing monetary incentives within the medal victor within Inter-Varsity recreations competitions.

The training charge belonging to the medal achiever with the Inter-Varsity stage is returned with the school. The college annually honors kids that have graded a lot more than 75percent spots plus being victorious a medal in AIU financed All India or North-Zone sports or teens event competitions. Every single year conducts 16 Inter-College events (Men & people) for a variety of video.

NSS team of I.K. Gujral Punjab complex University was working away at numerous instances of as a whole improvement, whether outlying development or increasing understanding on factors of earth, cleanliness, health factors, medication de-addiction, roadway safety, personality improvement an such like. The NSS recreation performed according to the support of the NSS consultative council of institution, which is chaired from Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor. They presides over all the conferences of council. Right now there are certainly 74 units operating in various connected schools of IKGPTU contains biggest campus at Kapurthala and its particular component campuses at Amritsar, Batala and Mohali. With a combined strength of 7400 expert NSS volunteers, NSS department of I.K.G. Punjab Technical school is just one of the premier packages today and another for the decorated one. These 74 models operate in the areas where activities like classes, workshops, area appointments and online surveys are performed complete of the season. These 74 tools need implemented 74 towns /slums to serve the community as indicated by need of several hours.

Atlanta divorce attorneys procedure, NSS office arranges a number o f NSS recreation in college Main and component campuses and different universities affiliated into the college. In educational appointment 2019-20, NSS planned numerous work.


IKGPTU offers significant obligations of ushering our personal status and usa into a forward thinking culture by producing premium technocrats. IKGPTU is doing simply that in latest 22 years. Most people at IKGPTU comprehend that alumni include manufacturer ambassador from the institute along with recent level that IKGPTU enjoys might representation of one’s alumni’s profits. IKGPTU has actually often supported life long alliance and our alumni are a solid section of whatever we is correct.

Right now IKGPTU alumni community is more than several strong and you have manufactured an effect in every single hike of lifetime. Armed with IKGPTU amount alumni have gone on get company, overall performance artists, instructors, boffins and community servants. Our alumni bring special individuality but we all share usual standards of making a confident effects in the communities and corporations you am employed in.