A former member of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad says he was sexually assaulted during a video shoot

A former member of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad says he was sexually assaulted during a video shoot

In just one of David Dobrik’s videos from June 2017, Dobrik, an enormous online celebrity with 18 million readers, says to Seth Francois that he’s destined to be kissed by fellow influencer and product Corinna Kopf. But because the videos’s headings “he or she THOUGHT HE HAD BEEN MAKING OUT HER!! (VERY CRINGEY)” hints, a person when you look at the disguise was really Jason Nash a a 45-year-old comedian and Dobrik’s right-hand boy. The videos has-been looked at just about 10 million instances, and a-year afterwards, Dobrik plucked the identical nuisance on Francoise affecting Nash.

On January 12, Francois, who was previously in Dobrik’s Vlog group originator folks, called in to the H3 podcast, which can be hosted by Ethan and Hila Klein, to speak concerning the video. The man characterized what happened the first time as erotic attack, and announced http://datingmentor.org/trucker-chat-rooms that he had been traumatized with the practice.

An interview rocked the net and brought most of Dobrik’s supporters decide the nuisance in a brand new light. Also Jack website link’s Jerky, a meat jerky brand name whose remedies comprise found in training video, taken care of immediately express that were there maybe not paid the vlog, and “do certainly not endure or condone any non-consensual behavior instance what went down in this particular clip.”

In an interview with Insider, Francois discussed their commitment to share out and about.

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Agents for Nash and Dobrik decided not to reply to needs for thoughts as well as have so far to matter any general public assertion on Francois’ grievances.

Seth Francois communicated out after another original Vlog team representative discussed the group as ‘toxic’

Francois instructed Insider in a job interview on February 15 which he was actually of two mind before choosing in the future forwards along with his feel.

On one side, he states he had been hence traumatized that he wasn’t positive this individual wished to bring much more attention to it. He or she believed the guy felt like their maleness was actually stripped from your, so he’s were required to fix and redefine himself once more since.

“I’m just knowledge my thoughts to merely get strong enough to merely love completely defeat it,” he or she stated. “it had not been your fault. I did not subscribe to they. I did not require that to take place if you ask me. Therefore performed. But that is something Not long ago I truly need to put up with.”

But Francois also assumed motivated to inform his own facts.

This individual remaining the Vlog group in 2019, but it really was not up until the summer of 2020 this individual began to think about why.

Francois spoke to Insider in August about videos this individual introduced in June wherein the man stated he were going to capture responsibility for their involvement in Dobrik’s vlogs, which included many racist jokes and skits.

Francois believed he previously applied a period of reflection because death of George Floyd while the Ebony Lives question activity, and started initially to know he previously recently been taking part in a “token” black colored husband in a lot of Dobrik’s videos. They said to become in a position to check himself from inside the mirror, and free yourself of on his own on the remorse for bringing about the pain caused towards their people, he had to mention one thing.

Since that time, Francois might on a journey impart it-all behind your, but he or she nonetheless could not let go of something else about precisely how he had been managed whilst in Dobrik’s crew.

After another original Vlog team representative, Nik “BigNik” Keswani, expressed his own amount of time in the Vlog Squad as “toxic” and “like a cult,” Francois made a decision to come out widely proclaiming that he previouslyn’t granted his or her agree for Nash to kiss your.

Francois informed Insider this individual begun to watch “prank” as one thing further seductive about 2 years in the past, and came to the conclusion it was “creepy and odd.”

“we begin seeing exactly how David and Jason had been chatting with me personally and keeping their unique space,” the guy believed. “as soon as started thinking about the game as more illegal than a prank, it begun aiding me personally take into account that they are hidden from myself because they are not able to possess business know the top formula inside the Vlog group is most likely my own sexual use.”